My wife and I have been window shopping at Hacienda's showroom for over 15 years and have always been impressed with the quality of the workmanship. We recently had them build a custom dresser for us and we could not be happier with the product we received. My main concern with most of the mass produced furniture we found in the big chain stores was the inferior materials they are made from. Particleboard, cardboard and even plastic was used in what looked to be a real wood piece of furniture. This is not the case in the dresser that Hacienda made for us. No cardboard, no particleboard and no plastic. The only materials used to create our dresser that were not wood are the metal sliders that allow the drawers to be fully extended, the metal hardware knobs and the stain to color the wood.

Max Esquivel worked with us on every step to design our dream dresser. My pet peeve is having 90° corners on furniture that I seem to always bump into when walking past them. Max designed our dresser with 45° corners. Every aspect from the number of drawers, size width and depth of drawers was taken into consideration. Once the build stage was completed, we selected the color from a vast selection of Hacienda's custom made stains. 

Last but certainly not least is the fact that this is made in America! I know that we will get many years of service from this finely crafted piece of furniture unlike other products that we previously purchased from over seas.
Grant & Debra McBride
San Gabriel, CA.